The community of Collegiate High School at Chattanooga State recognizes that no true learning or growth in academics, sports, or character can occur without the condition of honesty. Therefore, we expect all members of the community to practice honesty within the activities of the school, both in relationships and in work. Cheating, lying, and stealing will not be tolerated and consequences may range from detention to suspension and juvenile court petition.

Cheating is considered a serious violation of the process of education. It includes, but is not limited to, the willful giving or receiving of an unauthorized, unfair, dishonest, or unscrupulous advantage over other students in schoolwork or activities. Some examples are unauthorized copying of assignments (including computer documents and files); stealing another student's work and turning it in as one's own; plagiarism; submitting pre-written work for set classroom exercises or tests; using unauthorized study aids, notes, books, data, or other information; selling , buying or sharing papers without authorization; stealing tests or other unauthorized material, or passing such material stolen by others; talking or signaling to another student during a test or quiz; looking at another student's answers during a test or quiz, or permitting another student to look at one's own test or quiz; possessing or using cheat sheets; using unauthorized electronic devices to obtain answers during tests or quizzes; passing test information on to students in other classes; computer fraud; or sabotaging the projects or experiments of other students. Intending to cheat is considered the same as cheating.

Lying is the willful and knowledgeable telling of an untruth or falsehood as well as any form of deceit, attempted deception, misrepresentation, false appearance, or fraud in an oral or written statement.

Stealing is taking or appropriating another person's property without that person's expressed permission or direct knowledge, whether the intent is to return the property or not.

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