Driving and Parking Policies

Driver's Permit and License SF1010 Form

Any student under the age of eighteen who is applying for a TN driving permit or license will be required to take form SF1010 to the driver license station. Students may obtain the form from the office while school is in session. Allow a minimum of one week for the form to be completed and returned to the student.

Tennessee State Law requires that students pass at least three full subjects for the semester to apply for the SF1010/Permit form. Also, students cannot miss more than 10 consecutive days or 15 days total of unexcused absences during a single semester. When a student applies for the driver's license or permit, the SF1010 is only good for thirty (30) days from date of issue.

Driver's License Revocation

(State Law 49-6-3017) Any student 15-17 years of age who becomes academically deficient or deficient in attendance shall be reported to the Department of Safety for driver's license revocation. A student shall be deemed academically deficient if he/she has not received passing grades in at least three full unit subjects at the conclusion of any regular school semester. A student shall be deemed deficient in attendance when he/she drops out of school or has excessive absences. Suspensions count as unexcused absences (TN state law).

A student may not be considered to be in compliance until the student makes a passing grade in at least three full unit subjects at the conclusion of any semester.

Driving and Campus Parking

Students need to understand that parking on school property is a privilege, not a right afforded to students. Certain conditions are attached to privileges. Students who fail to uphold those conditions will be subject to loss of parking privileges with no refund of fees paid, and disciplinary actions.

The conditions for parking are as follows:

  • All students who drive on school grounds must possess a valid driver's license.

  • Students must register any vehicle they intend to drive to school with school authorities.  All information requested must be given on the registration form.  A permit must be obtained from Chattanooga State in order to be able to park on campus. 

  • No students are to park in the spaces which are reserved for visitors or staff.

  • All students should lock and secure their vehicles.

  • Students conducting or allowing illegal activity in their cars on grounds will be subject to losing their permit permanently, as well as normal disciplinary action in regard to the discipline policy.

Reasons for Loss of Driving Privileges

  • Speeding (15 mph speed limit) or reckless driving (including entering and exiting campus).

  • Entering parking area during the school day without permission from the office.

  • Excessive tardiness/absences - to be determined by administration.

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